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First sub-freezing run of the season...

November 2nd - This morning was the first sub-freezing run of the season! According to the internet, the average low is 22 degrees. Over the past 4 years of MN winters, this seems like the warmest fall we've experienced.

The temp when I left the house at dark 0'clock was 26 degrees. Shortly after I left the driveway, I regretted not wearing a heavier jacket but I quickly warmed up. Being in rural, Northern MN, the biting wind is actually much worse than the actual air temp which was the case today. After days of windy conditions, this morning was the first in a while without wind. As a result, I enjoyed the run and felt grateful for this first cold run!

The things I appreciated the most on my run this morning included:

  • Feeling gritty and tough for getting out in the cold!

As much as I try to play off that I am a

native Minnesotan, my CA roots run

deep. I will always take pride in my

ability to get out in the elements!

  • Starting the run in the pitch black, experience the sun coming up, and returning home to a beautiful lake view!

Along these lines, reflective gear

that comforts me in knowing I can

be seen in the pitch black.

  • Changing of the seasons!

Slowing down on my runs for tougher snow runs, snowshoeing & cross country skiing!

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