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Dick Beardsley Half Marathon—Saturday, 9-11-2021

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Detroit Lakes, MN—In-person races are back! This was my first race at an actual starting line since Memphis, TN in December 2019. While I’ve been away from road races for that stretch of time before due to life, I was honestly conflicted. I realized there is no chance for social distancing in a road race, not to mention the sweating, snot rockets and port-a-potties!

Coming in I had about 3 weeks of 3-day per week of light, easy running and a couple of longer efforts in hopes that I could pull off a Fall marathon. Due to recurring Plantar Fasciitis pain I’ve been taking it easy, simply running for joy, not time or fitness goals. In the end I surprised myself by running 7:16/mile. As usual, in hindsight I wished I had gone out faster or picked it up sooner in order to finish better but I didn’t want to push the injury.

Time: 1:35:11 (7:16 per mile)

Place: 23rd overall


Winding around Detroit Lakes it was breezy, at times windy, but beautiful! Water was almost always in site and the course was challenging! The last time I ran this race was 2018 and the course went counterclockwise, this year we went clockwise which resulted in hills in the last few miles that required gritting up and over them to reach the finish line. Coming into the finish were flags lining the course along the lack for 9/11 which was a great motivation to finish strong.


Great on course fluid stations and helpful staff and volunteers. A slight disappointment however was no timing on course as had been provided in previous years. I also still don’t know my official time…


It’s a beautiful course with a manageable number of runners that you’re not boxed in or watching your step as you are in larger fields. I’ve now ran this race twice and love supporting local road race companies. I can see myself doing it again since it’s close to home and gives me a chance to run faster but I am disappointed in the lack of communication from the race organization about the results link not working.

Best of all, the start and finish made it easy to smile and wave at Mark before taking off and finding him at the finish. 😊


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