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My Story

I'm a California girl but a true Minnesotan at heart. I was destined to live Up Nort', allowing me to fully embody my true Minnesota nature. My husband and I left the chaotic, fast-paced CA lifestyle for life outdoors in Northern MN and haven't looked back!

In Minnesota, we've enjoyed a more active lifestyle, maximizing our time outdoors, embracing winter and integrating ourselves into our local community. Looking back, I can't believe how far my life has taken me and the new habits, routines, and practices I enjoy that allow me to enjoy life more than I thought possible. I look forward to sharing those wins and experiences through this site. 

Back when blogging began, I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on the run through my first blog, Mental Markers. Now I want to use this space to share how I've taken challenges and experiences I've endured—or am currently facing—to dig within and be at peace with the path I'm on. My hope is that others will be motivated, encouraged, or able to relate and pursue happiness, whatever that means to you.

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